World RecordMulti-Terabit Network CapacityFewer towersVirtual Private Cells™


World Firsts that shatter the assumed limits of wireless telecommunications…

Air@wave is at the forefront of major innovations that are both fundamental and general in application across all wireless standards.

Virtual Private Cells™

All air interface technologies in use today assume that many users must contend for limited, scarce spectrum.

Air@Wave delivers 100% re-use of spectrum between users (not just between cells) by mitigating mutual interference to zero. Hence the entire cell capacity is now available to each user and the aggregate user capacity is limited only by the available processing power. In practice this means each user can reach the maximum speed of their equipment even when other users are active. Contrast this to conventional 4G systems where each users speed diminishes in proportion to the number of active users. Existing client devices can immediately benefit from faster speeds completely transparently.

Ultra-wide Broadband

Air@Wave infrastructure nodes support far wider channels than any current standard leading directly to higher speeds. Of course, processing such wide channels puts extreme demands on the cell hardware and is only deliverable with the most advanced technology available.

Opencell™ software defined Virtual Networking

Virtual machines have come to dominate “the cloud” for their ease of maintenance, reliability and load balancing advantages…likewise we are at the dawn of a new era of Software defined Virtual Networking whereby virtualization of networked devices, interfaces and even networks of networks provides unprecedented capabilities. Air@Wave’s SDVN platform is designed to support an open ecosystem for virtual network devices enabling whole of industry inclusion and participation.

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