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Small Cells

Small Cells replace towers in urban environments
Mobile network operators increase subscriber capacity by continually building more cell site towers. Towers are unpopular, unsightly and expensive…and now are unnecessary, thanks to Air@Wave small cells.

Small cells are mandated by the laws of physics…and cost efficiency
In urban environments with high population densities, subscriber capacity can be increased by adding more spectrum, more antenna sectors or simply splitting cells into ever smaller coverage areas. At some point the number of users per cell is so small that the operating expense exceeds the generated revenue. Since the backhaul infrastructure costs are now shared between too few subscribers simply wiring small cells to the fixed backhaul network is not a viable solution. Using traditional microwave dishes is unacceptable at street level due to the visual impact, size and limited capabilities of existing microwave backhaul solutions. The Air@Wave® NXG™ series is a compact, comprehensive, cost effective yet flexible solution that replaces traditional macrocells and fixed wireline customer access networks.

Multi-carrier/Multi-standard Integrated platform
The Air@Wave platform supports integrated delivery of Air@Wave proprietary air interface and optional 3G, 4G/LTE and other standards over Air@Wave multi-gigabit wireless or fiber backhaul in a single, small, integrated unit. Optional services are added as field upgradable software “IPR” modules. Standards integration effectively eliminates the mobile broadband bottleneck by increasing mobile network capacity and speed at the lowest possible cost.

Lower Cost, Ultimate Quality of Service
Customers will enjoy a superior experience while operator’s costs are reduced. Further, this is achieved with vastly lower radio frequency power emission and without building more unsightly towers.

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