Air@Wave® CPE 4G LTE

Air@Wave®  CPE 4G LTE
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Air@Wave® Metroscale CPE 4G LTE – customer premises terminal providing gigabit ethernet ports, WiFi and LTE mobile device support.

Note that no ADSL, Cable, fiber or other wireline broadband network connection is required. The CPE connects directly to the Air@Wave® Metroscale wireless network.

Speeds of up to 150Mbps can be supported by LTE Category 4 mobile devices on the customer access side of the terminal. Likewise the gigabit ethernet and WiFi ports operate at full speed right through to the WWAN allowing ISP’s to offer download speeds of up to 1 Gbps to subscribers.

LTE is a trade mark of ETSI. Air@Wave® is authorised to use the LTE trade mark in connection with its standards compliant products.

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