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FTTH/GPON Lead-ins & Drops

While FTTH/FTTP/GPON deployments are an effective replacement for obsolete copper networks, the need to remove the copper and pull a fiber lead-in and duct into EVERY premises represents a substantial fraction of the total project cost. In most markets removing the existing copper telephone line is undesirable as it reduces infrastructure based competition and is inconsistent with market based regulation and requires the consent of the monopoly carrier.

Premises Lead-In replacement for faster network deployments
Air@Wave Edge XG nodes are connected via one fiber tail from the GPON passive splitter or can replace the splitter altogether, and with just a single installation serve the entire capacity of the GPON feeder fiber (sharing 2.5 Gigabits per second) to premises in the vicinity – wirelessly. Typically, a single  Air@Wave Edge XG node can replace between 32  and 128 fiber lead-ins in typical deployments. Existing copper telephone lines can remain in service and the need to remove copper from the lead-in duct is eliminated.

Drop fiber anywhere, as needed
Where access to underground plant, large MDU (multi-dwelling units) or high rise corporate office buildings by fiber only is mandated, an Air@Wave Edge XG node can directly drop one or more fiber tails without any additional external networking equipment. Integrated support for standard SFP, SFP+ optical transceivers at various line rates up to 10G per socket.

Flexibility and consistency with open access policy
For policy makers, the benefits of being technology agnostic amount to several billion dollars per annum in increased productivity that would otherwise be lost while waiting years for fiber network completion. Carriers and “over-the-top” content providers will gain increased revenue generation commencing up to 32x sooner.

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