World RecordMulti-Terabit Network CapacityFewer towersVirtual Private Cells™


How is this different to offerings from other vendors?
The Air@Wave technology is unique in the market and is a decade ahead of current cellular network concepts while maintaining compatibility with existing subscriber side devices.

Air@wave Virtual Private Cell™ technology multiplies capacity and improves the customer experience while preserving existing investments in 3G or 4G systems.

Does Air@wave technology require new mobile handsets or user equipment ?
Air@wave works with existing handsets up to their maximum rated speeds. Beyond 4G, carriers can order custom Air@wave integrated technology enabled user equipment.

Air@Wave can instantly increase ARPU and dramatically improve the customer experience without the usual requirement to upgrade handsets – which regularly causes existing customers to churn to competitors.

Cellular Network rollouts are a Herculean task- how does your technology make this easier?
The Air@Wave technology was developed to specifically address network rollout issues such as rights of way and access to “pits, pipes and ducts” that impede, complicate and prolong network rollouts.

The Air@wave rollout models can eliminate virtually all barriers and network deployment costs and even ongoing operating expenses are a fraction of conventional deployments. A modest amount of existing infrastructure can be used to achieve the highest capacities possible – but without civil works.

In existing macrocell deployments, no new cell towers are required. In fact, in greenfields markets Air@wave can plan and design networks which require no towers whatsoever.

I don’t want a new cell tower in my neighborhood – How can you help?
Air@Wave Metroscale solutions do not require any more towers in metropolitan areas with existing cellular networks. Lobby your local member and show them the Air@Wave Metroscale alternative.

Carriers are already using microwave backhaul at their cell sites – how is this different ?
Cell towers often carry large, ugly, parabolic dishes for microwave backhaul, such dishes are completely unsuitable for small cell deployments. No such dishes are employed in the Air@wave Metroscale network. Air@Wave Integrated Backhaul technology delivers lower cost of deployment than all other competing products, the lowest operating expense and yet delivers capacities and speeds many times faster.

Air@wave Metroscale is clean, green and friendly to those who live in the proximity of your new network by reducing tower emissions to zero relative to the emissions from mobile handsets.

Are fixed wireless deployments supported ?
Yes. Using the Air@Wave Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), customers can access the full speed of the Air@Wave Metroscale solution which by design matches the speeds available on current generation GPON fiber deployments – at far lower costs.

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