Air@Wave Metroscale LTE indoor & outdoor small cell equipment now open for ordering

Air@Wave Metroscale LTE indoor & outdoor small cells are now available for ordering by qualified carriers and next generation ISP’s in the new “Digital Dividend” and other new spectrum allocations.

Air@Wave Metroscale LTE indoor & outdoor small cell technology can now be demonstrated in a cabled end-to-end demonstration of carrier grade Evolved Packet Core gateway through to live connection of commercial mobile handsets, dongles, fixed wireless 4G routers and other LTE standards compliant User Equipment.

Over the air demonstrations are also available for qualified carriers over their assigned licensed spectrum in LTE Band 3 (1800Mhz) and the recently auctioned Band 7 (2600 Mhz), with other bands available on application.

Air@Wave Metroscale technology delivers the lowest possible network operating expense, yet delivers many times higher capacity than existing Macrocell network deployments per unit coverage area, all while maintaining very low RF power emissions and eliminating the need for more cell site towers in dense urban environments.

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