Air@Wave Metroscale – ten time faster, sooner, cheaper.

Air@Wave Metroscale technology is a new wireless alternative to GPON/FTTH that is consistent with the major trends in the telecommunications industry, namely falling demand for wired access and exponential growth in mobile data and demand for higher speeds.

Clearly the massive cost of upgrading to FTTH/GPON is not justified in a falling wired revenue scenario – especially across the entire customer base. Nonetheless, there is likely to be a mix of technologies deployed and Air@Wave is readily integrated with any mix of fiber, copper or wireless in the customer access network.

Air@Wave Metroscale is an integrated metropolitan scale access network solution that delivers a superior value proposition in terms of peak information rates, speed of rollout (in terms of premises passed and connected), and at lower total cost than either FTTH or even FTTN.

“Air@Wave Metroscale – ten time faster, sooner, cheaper.”

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