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Mobile Internet traffic is growing exponentially…

Carriers must spend $840B globally to upgrade their mobile networks if they are to cope with the explosion in data traffic generated by smart phones, tablets and portable hotspot devices.

Fiber networks promise excellent bandwidth, but upgrading the customer access network to fiber globally will cost trillions of dollars and require decades to complete – yet there is an acute demand now for mobility, capacity & speed while growth in the fixed line sector remains flat.

In developed markets upgrading the fixed line customer access network to fiber will  require access to existing pits, pipes, ducts and lead-ins owned by monopoly carriers and so will attract a substantial access premium. In the developing world, capital infrastructure must be built from scratch increasing the required investment manyfold.

Air@Wave® reduces the need for fiber by delivering  its benefits today across the entire customer base, allowing carriers to build out their networks from the core to the access network without reliance on “pits, pipes and ducts” or capital works, effectively bypassing difficult and costly infrastructure access arrangements.

Air@Wave® Metropolitan scale gigabit wireless networks can deliver the capacity and speed of FTTH/GPON without the huge cost, and can be delivered cost effectively into markets globally under readily available, existing licensed and unlicensed spectrum allocations.


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